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Comprehensive Social Determinants Data

The core of our platform lies in our proprietary social and geospatial determinants of health dataset. Clinical care only accounts for 20% of health outcomes, and these data capture the other 80%, including distance to healthy food, housing quality, crime rates, and economic stress.

Risk Stratification Using AI

After our social determinants data are combined with your clinical data, our machine learning algorithms use this more complete image to accurately identify at-risk patients. No black box here - we’re committed to transparency and will always share the factors driving risk.

Personalize Interventions, Automate Outreach

What do you do with a list of at-risk patients? Staple Health answers that by matching patient profiles with the care plan that is most likely to be successful for them. This means increased efficiency, lower care costs, and most importantly, healthier patients.

We’re a health risk management platform for value-based care.