Relationship management for at-risk patients

Arm your team with the intelligence you need to understand patient risk and optimize engagement.


Combining social and structural determinants of health to help you visualize patient risk and build personalized engagement campaigns.

Staple Solution

Staple Health is a health risk management platform that care teams use to predict outcomes and optimize interventions. Machine learning algorithms combine patient data with our proprietary, person-level, social and structural determinants of health datasets to identify the specific drivers of risk in an individual. The software then provides tools to automate outreach and personalize interventions. The end result is cost containment, quality improvement and a streamlined workflow.

We work with providers, payers, hospitals, and employers to help teams think proactively about risk and bring data-driven personalization into patient engagement.

Getting Started

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Here are some of the features that Staple Health offers.

Social Determinants of Health

Clinical care only accounts for 20% of a patient’s outcomes. The other 80% depends on where we live, what we eat and how we spend our time. Person-level social data is essential for any risk-bearing organization trying to improve outcomes.

No Black Box

A common complaint about Artificial Intelligence is that it’s a black box. If we’re going to get buy-in from care teams, we need to understand the clinical rationale driving predictions. Staple Health helps teams understand the individual factors driving predictions, and what to do about them.

Beautiful Maps

Build targeted campaigns by identifying clusters of risk or opportunity geographically through the Staple Interactive Map. For the first time, your team can instantly identify "Hot Spots" and understand where risk is coming from.


Connect with Staple through HIPAA compliant and easy to use FHIR-based APIs that will get you up and running in hours, not months.

See the Whole Picture

Get full visibility into your patient population. Easily identify patient risk, optimal care paths and areas of opportunity. Staple Health delivers real-time feedback to users on data quality, performance, and critical opportunities so you know what to expect.

Automated Engagement

Use the Staple platform to create automated engagement campaigns built around criteria you set.

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Hospital Department Chair

“With Staple, we can visualize where patient risk is clustered geographically, and build targeted campaigns to improve outcomes in minutes.”