Simplify value-based reporting - from patient to payment

Reporting quality shouldn't slow your team down - Let Staple Health help.


The business of paying healthcare providers is going through significant changes. Insurers are rapidly moving away from paying for volume, and instead rewarding value.

Staple Solution

Staple Health is a platform that health-IT companies, and the providers they serve, use to ensure financial success in the evolving US healthcare market. Insurers across the country are moving to a model of giving doctors bonus payments or penalties based on their clinical quality. Staple Health streamlines this data capture and reporting process, saving valuable time and maximizing payments from insurers.

By using our proprietary measure "Double Check" engine in concert with CMS' brand new API for measure reporting, we're able to offer most advanced reporting tool on the market.

We give you the tools that you need to prepare for value-based reimbursement, and the tools that will allow you to succeed.

Getting Started

If you're interested in talking with Staple Health about how we can help your team succeed in your value-based programs, let us know!


Here are some of the features that Staple Health offers.

Double Check Measure Accuracy

Pulling accurate data out of modern EHRs is no small task. With Staple Health, you can be confident in the accuracy of your quality measures with our proprietary "Double Check" engine.

Single Point of Connection

Building connections with each insurer and staying up to date on the most recent measure specifications is complex and cumbersome. Use Staple as your simple, single point of connection for all value-based data transactions.

Automated Reporting

Providers and staff spend on average 785 hours per physician per year tracking and reporting quality measures to insurers. Staple Health can handle all of your reporting requirements, regardless of care model and insurer, leaving you more time to focus on your patients.

Secure RESTful API

Connect your EHR technology to Staple using HIPAA compliant and easy to use modern APIs that will get you up and running in hours, not months.

Real-Time Feedback

Tired of waiting for the end of a payment period to see how you did? Staple Health delivers real-time feedback to users on data quality, performance, and submission status so you know what to expect.

Qualify for Bonus Payments

By using our technology to submit data to insurers, your providers will automatically be eligible for enhanced bonus payments.