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The business of paying healthcare providers is going through significant changes. Providers are now taking on greater risk for both the financial and the clinical outcomes of their patients.

Staple Solution

Staple Health is a platform that care teams use to identify and predict patient outcomes and risk. The software combines clinical data with a proprietary dataset on social and commercial behaviors of individuals to provide insight into which patients may benefit from additional support, what specifically is driving their risk, and how best to engage them.

We work with providers, hospitals, health systems, and health-IT companies to help teams prepare for, and be successful in, value-based reimbursement.

Getting Started

If you're interested in talking with Staple Health about how we can help your team succeed in your value-based programs, let us know!


Here are some of the features that Staple Health offers.

Social Determinants of Health

Clinical care only accounts for 20% of a patient’s outcomes. The other 80% depends on where we live, what we eat and how we spend our time. Person-level social data is essential for any risk-bearing organization trying to improve outcomes.

No Black Box

A common complaint about Artificial Intelligence is that it’s a black box. If we’re going to get buy-in from care teams, we need to understand the clinical rationale driving predictions. Staple Health helps teams understand the individual factors driving predictions, and what to do about them.

Unstructured Data

Providers report that 60-80% of the information relevant to VBR programs is trapped in unstructured formats such as free text, PDFs and reports. In order to get a full picture of your patient, you need to unlock this data.


Connect with Staple through HIPAA compliant and easy to use FHIR-based APIs that will get you up and running in hours, not months.

See the Whole Picture

Get full visibility into your patient population. Easily identify patient risk, optimal care paths and areas of opportunity. Staple Health delivers real-time feedback to users on data quality, performance, and critical opportunities so you know what to expect.

Quality and Efficiency

Getting proactive about patient risk not only improves the quality of care delivered, but also improves your organization's operational efficiency.

Seven Days Seven Days

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Hospital Department Chair

“You can tell more about my patient's health through their credit card statement than their medical record.”